Harald Hoyer

Triple Faults for Debug


For a long time we tried to solve the early boot IPC problem. IPC problem you ask? Well, in the early boot phase we cannot talk D-BUS, because the daemon is not running yet, but to bring up the system, so that the D-BUS daemon can run (mount stuff, load modules, start other services), we need some kind of IPC. Therefore all the early boot daemons have a fallback IPC via unix domain sockets with its own homegrown protocol.

Rust Echo Server

On modern CPUs, rust seems to perform very nicely with the thread context switches, at least when benchmarking an echo server. For that I also wrote an echo server benchmark client.

dracut and CVE-2016-4484: Cryptsetup Initrd root Shell

People who want to secure their Fedora/RHEL system have to:

  • add a BIOS password
  • add a grub password
  • add "rd.shell=0" to the kernel command line

Anaconda does add "rd.shell=0" to the kernel command line automatically, if you setup the bootloader with a password.

GPG, Smartcard and ssh

This blog post shows how to tweak Fedora, if you want to use a smartcard with OpenPGP and use it also as a ssh key. It also serves me as a recipe for fresh installations.

A Python Transaction Class

This is a repost of a blog post of 2008. Just for the reference :-)

This class allows sub-classes to commit changes to an instance to a history, and rollback to previous states.