Pull Backup with Restic to a QNAP NAS S3 store

Although restic is a really nice backup solution, it lacks the possibility to pull the files to backup from a remote server, like rsync does over ssh, preventing any attacker to gain access to a secret. This blog post shows some workarounds and does the backup to a QNAP NAS S3 store over an encrypted TLS connection. ...more

November 06, 2023 #restic #NixOS #backup

Webcam Eye AF for the Sony A7RII

I am using my Sony A7 RII as a webcam with shallow depth of field with gphoto2 under Linux. The normal auto focus does not follow very well, therefore I assigned the “Eye AF” to the lens button and activate it permanently with some rubber straps and a small button like object underneath. ...more

October 28, 2021 #Sony #SonyAlpha #focus #photo