Syntax highlighting for console snippets

Finally, I moved my blog from wordpress to a static site. I chose zola as the site generator, because most of my documentation nowadays is in markdown anyway.

Syntax highlighting was a badly missed feature for me in the past. And zola delivers :-)

The only thing missing was syntax highlighting for console (terminal) snippets. ...more

May 19, 2020

varlink and the elvish shell

I recently discovered Elvish, which is a shell perfectly suited to process structured data. In my case it is perfect to be used with varlink. Too bad elvish has no numeric type and can’t feed varlink with int and float, because to-json converts them to strings. ...more

February 22, 2018 #varlink #programming


For a long time we tried to solve the early boot IPC problem. IPC problem you ask? Well, in the early boot phase we cannot talk D-BUS, because the daemon is not running yet, but to bring up the system, so that the D-BUS daemon can run (mount stuff, load modules, start other services), we need some kind of IPC. Therefore all the early boot daemons have a fallback IPC via unix domain sockets with its own homegrown protocol. ...more

December 18, 2017